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About us

Since 2016, the German Research Foundation (DFG) has been funding a specialist information service (FID) for the subject of history, which is managed by the Bavarian State Library and the Deutsches Museum in Munich – the latter is responsible for the sub-discipline of the history of technology, natural sciences and the environment.

In close dialog with historians, " – Specialised Information Service for Historical Studies" is developing a digital information service covering the entire spectrum of historical scholarship, which, in addition to the basic provision at university and other academic libraries, creates optimal conditions for historical research in Germany.

This includes the acquisition and indexing of specialized literature, whether printed or digital, and access to it. In particular, the FID provides so-called FID licenses in the form of databases, electronic journals and e-books for a group of registered FID users.

The FID also offers an extensive digital service portfolio. Since the comprehensive relaunch, the website has fanned out these services and represents both the access point for historicumSEARCH, the research portal for historical research, as well as the entry point to the German Historical Bibliography and to discipline portals, such as the history of technology and science and the didactics of history. In addition, the FID offers scholars electronic publishing services, e.g. with a focus on regional and regional history within the framework of the review platform recensio.regio.

Through constant communication with the academic advisory board of the FID Geschichtswissenschaft, with the Association of Historians in Germany and through a large number of events for academics, but also subject librarians at German libraries, the work of the FID is linked back to the wishes, research needs and digital research and publication practice in contemporary historical scholarship.

Finally, the FID works closely with other regional specialist information services that provide literature, licenses, data services, document servers or research services on the history of individual European or non-European regions.